Why Fashion Websites are the Worst

I didn’t wanted to be in the fashion industry for the same reason that I didn’t go into finance or advertising or marketing. These industries don’t provide anything tangible to make human life better; they are based on exploiting money out of people by manipulating desire and need.

I love clothes, but outside of design itself, fashion isn’t really about clothes at all, it’s about the extremely sinister pretension of wealth displaying. Let’s get to the root of it: fashion is for people with money. Fashion is a luxury. People seemed to understand this before the internet. But now that we have all these self-serving information sources like blogs and “lifestyle” sites spouting that one can be a fashionista at any budget, people are starting to believe the lie. 

Places like Refinery29 and the Glamorai try to constantly sell us $1000 coats with consolation add-ons of an affordable $100 version. Are we to be “inspired” by these suggestions or homogenized in our aesthetics? These websites dictate what is chic and what looks stylish—just short of explicitly saying things like: if you don’t desire a $100 Alexander Wang T-shirt, then you’re an idiot.

I see so many girls obsessing over fashion, over these expensive luxury items, as if it’s financially responsible for a broke college student to own them. I have seen so many people desperately in debt from their efforts to keep up their style. And I have seen minimum wage workers slaving over ear-drum breaking machines to meet their demand.

These site are just trying to sell us things we can neither afford or need. Why should we want any of it? 

Why can’t we just accept that fashion is for people who don’t have anything better to do with their money? Fashion isn’t for the poor. It just isn’t. But these sites have us wrongly convinced that it’s not about the money. If you don’t have a lot of money, it’s irresponsible to shell it out for a LouisV. And it doesn’t make us commoners anymore upper echelon to own an over-decorated piece of leather. There are people like the urban poor who are far more deserving of our monetary aid.

And don’t get me started on designer collaborations with budget stores. You’re just getting suckered into paying more for a shoddy version of something you didn’t really want anyway.

Like Kreayshawn says, you may own a Gucci, but “bitch you ain’t no barbie. I see you work at Arby’s.”

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Where did you get your blue contacts?

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Buy it, read it, and stop the monster of cheap fast fashion!

We need quality clothing to return to being moderately priced again, but it will only happen if we stop our demand for cheap shit.

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Gonna make me some hawt blouses. by hawt, I mean for the hot weather.

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LaBrittany has fallen and cannot get up.

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Once upon a time (2010), in a land far, far away (Beijing), I bought a piece of crap (clutch purse). It looked good for about a day before all the edges of the faux leather started to fray. I finally had some time and bounded the edges with some fabric—not sure what it is, but it’s sparkly!

If you’re ever enticed by any asian fashion, don’t buy it. Just…don’t.

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I made a studded collar. OMG~!

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Hi-Low Skirt: silk chiffon. So on trend it makes me vomit in my mouth a little.

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Menswear wool + scallops

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Business in the front. Party in the back.

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Green dresses are for badasses. Wool body with polyester lining. A beast to make, but beautifully worth it.

Green dresses are for badasses. Wool body with polyester lining. A beast to make, but beautifully worth it.

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Colorchic | Model: Suzie Bird | Marie Claire Italia April 2012 | Photographed by Txema Yeste


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